Choosing the right venue is more than just making sure it has enough quality accommodation and suitable meeting rooms. Do you need an offsite dinner venue that has a star rating? Will your group be doing any post conference tours? Which venue has the best golf course? What activities are available at or near the venue? How easy are the transfer logistics? We consider all these factors and more before recommending a venue to the client. Whether it is a small workshop, a large conference, a wedding or corporate dinner, we will target the most convenient venue and will take care of collecting offers and dealing with suppliers.

We save you time and money by finding the best hotels with meeting facilities or by selecting the best Quinta for your wedding. Once we have received your request, we will come back to you with a selection of available places. Collecting offers, comparing prices and services between different venues takes a lot of energy. Prime Villa Management will do this on your behalf and help you make a quick and effective choice.